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Our Frequently
asked Questions


Does it hurt?

LifeTest™ is a non-invasive procedure, no needles. Occasionally there can be discomfort at an active point, but in most cases the person simply feels mild pressure.


How long will it take before I feel better?

That depends on your present state of health and lifestyle habits. Many people experience positive changes after just a few weeks, some take longer.


Can LifeTest™ diagnose?

No. LifeTest is not a diagnostic procedure. In North America, the equipment used is considered to be an investigative tool only. It is however used by doctors throughout Europe as part of their diagnostic procedures.


Is LifeTest™ covered by health insurance?

Although we have had some people obtain approval, coverage is based on each insurance company’s policies and requirements. We suggest you check with your company first if this is a concern, before booking your appointment.


Will I have to take the remedies forever?

Unlike drugs which are usually required on a continuous basis to maintain a desired response or control a symptom, natural remedies are designed to address the underlying issue causing the health issue. Once the body is balanced, and your health concern is resolved the remedies are usually no longer required.


Can anyone do LifeTest™?

Yes. Anyone with fingers and toes can be tested. There are no age barriers, from newborns to seniors. The only contraindication is for individuals with pacemakers or other electronic devices. If a person is pregnant or breastfeeding, they can still be tested, however, it limits what products can be used at that time. It is usually best to wait until after the birth or no longer breastfeeding.


How often do I have to come?

Generally, sessions are spaced four to six weeks apart, until the desired results are achieved. After that it is a personal choice, some people choose to take a proactive approach and get retested every 6-12 months. They understand “It is easier to maintain than it is to fix”.


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